Bel Air High School 1958-62

I arrived in Bel Air moving from Baltimore in ‘58. My mother had fought dad’s Parkville, Overlea hopes (suburbs just over the Baltimore city line, five miles from his mother) and pushed us farther north from the city into a town surrounded by green hills and the horse farms of the Harford County. She hated … Continue reading Bel Air High School 1958-62

More Stanford 1985-9

Faculty Author Development at Stanford I kept working at Stanford after they graduated me. I kept working for FAD, the Faculty Author Development Program (We developed faculty authors.) I loved the job.  I had been in school for so long that they had trouble throwing something new at me. I knew enough when the tossed … Continue reading More Stanford 1985-9

Granola State – 1976

A steel platform supported the sixty-foot, red and white, vertical bacon-slice sculpture at Sonoma State. Behind it, ivy and flowering vines tried to climb the prisonesque concrete of the science building. Across a wide walkway, the library sank at a non-geological pace into the campus’s cut rate real estate, a primordial lakebed that grew spongy … Continue reading Granola State – 1976

Electronics Tech, Hewlett Packard, Santa Rosa, 1975

Jim sat at a one end of a long workbench, testing microwave oscillators at HP. He stared at his oscilloscope, turning dials, checking the harmonics to see if they were within limits. I found out later that when you turned on one of the new oscillators, it usually worked or it smoked. If it smoked, … Continue reading Electronics Tech, Hewlett Packard, Santa Rosa, 1975

Satellite Shiner – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, MD 1966

On my first day, I hitched to the NASA gate and walked in. Everyone else drove through. I found the building listed on the  instructions they sent me. It was a big building, twenty stories or so. But inside, it had only one floor with a ceiling a couple hundred feet above. They told me … Continue reading Satellite Shiner – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, MD 1966